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Role Profile  

The right candidate for this role will be a versatile chameleon and a pillar of support for the SPECTRA team.  


You thrive in organized chaos and can easily pivot between tasks. You are able to manage interruptions and quickly re-prioritize your to-do list as new information becomes available. Not only are you able to get the day-to-day work done, but you can always see the bigger picture and can help steer the ship in the right direction to accomplish strategic projects and long-term goals.  


Prior experience in the event, film or production industries would be a big help in tackling a steep learning curve, as this role supports both the high-level business needs, but also advises the team on micro decisions directly related to the event design services SPECTRA prides itself upon.  


While this role has set job duties and requirements, at SPECTRA we recognize that talent comes in a variety of ways and that skills are transferable. Dazzle us with your work experience and roster of abilities. Please apply if you feel you meet most of the requirements listed.  


Human Resources & Employee Management  

  • Have a basic understanding of the employee life cycle from recruitment and selection, into developing training programs and engagement initiatives  

  • Working knowledge of the BC Employment Standards Act and federal regulation  

  • Experience creating and using employee professional development plans; goal setting and progressive performance tools and methods  

  • Experience hiring different categories of workers (casual, contract, part-time or full-time) and experience working with a high turnover workforce  


Financial Management 

  • Working knowledge of online accounting software (QuickBooks Online)  

  • Familiarity with budgets and other financial documents  

  • Experience reviewing and approving payroll from time sheets 

  • Excellent understanding of billing and invoicing procedures  


Logistics & Inventory Optimization  

  • Ability to create efficient schedules, truck packing plans, sub-rental plans and event briefs  

  • Support the warehouse and inventory team to remove roadblocks or barriers  

  • Knowledge of a formalized production or project management discipline considered an asset (Lean, Six Sigma, PMBOK, Agile etc.)  


Strategic Planning & Business Planning  

  • Prior experience creating strategic plans and long-term business plans  


Qualifications & Assets 

  • Prior experience in a supervisory or management role  

  • Formal management or leadership degree and/or training   

  • Familiarity and prior experience in the event, film or production industries  

  • Must be tech-savvy and proficient in the Microsoft Office suite and Windows 10 operating system  

  • Proven track record of exercising good judgment in complex and nuanced scenarios  


 How to Apply  

Please submit a brief cover letter with your resume and salary expectations to: info@spectraeventgroup.com. Let us know why you’re the right fit for the role!