About Bid Work & RFPs

We get it, bids and RFPs are a great way to quickly secure numerous quotes and can be useful to narrow down different vendors and their services. 

That being said, Spectra Event Group does not participate in bids or RFPs. We feel strongly that creative and intellectual property is already undervalued and the 'bidding' process tends to place emphasis on budget alone. 

Our business is modeled on providing truly exceptional event design, and that creative process takes time. Generating creative work isn't our side hustle or a division within our company - it's everything that we do. 

About Inspo Images

In addition to our thoughts on bid work and RFPs, under no circumstances will we create a proposal in response to creative work provided to you by another vendor as part of an RFP process. 

Inspirational images sourced from the internet, the international/global event community and Pinterest are great, but we will not attempt to replicate, reproduce or otherwise copy in any way, shape or form the work of our competitors and industry partners in B.C. 

Great ideas tend to breed other great ideas, and trends emerge within communities; if our work mimics that of our partners, this is purely coincidental. Please contact us if you feel otherwise, as we are committed to supporting a fair industry where individual ownership of ideas is respected.